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Sunday, April 23, 2006

do it for fun

I decided a couple weeks ago to give the online poker thing a shot. so i deposited $50. Sat down at the .10/.20 tables on prima and worked that 50 up to 120 in about 2 or 3 days.
2 days later, back to 40 dollars.

I played the 2.5K tourney on prima for a $25 buy in.
24 left i'm middle of the road.Dealt AA mid position, one guy already all in, chip leader pushes with 6k of chips, I call with my 3000.AA v AQflop brings K 10 9Turn brings a dirty J and I'm gone.First time I get aces in a month...the joys of it...

Online was good to me at the start, cos I was doing it for fun. When I decided to give it a shot and go normal bankroll rules, i've been losing my bollox. Ok, so i've lost about 50 quid, but my first deposit before xmas was only 20 euro and it did me for almost 5 months.

I'm wondering now whether to take a break completley from online and go back to the live freerolls and winning tickets, or stick at it online hoping that the bad run will pass.

I signed up to Full tilt last week. What a terrible site. All i remember is someone calling my all in with 10 10 with 88. there were two overcards on the table. She caught an 8 on the turn. Frstrating enough as it is getting outdrawn, when she proceeded to write, "i'm really getting better at this game" in the chat box, i nearly threw my laptop against the wall.

So i've figured.

Fun = results + enjoyable games.
Bankroll rules etc = more stress, not as enjoyable, general pain in the hole.

Fitz freeroll is calling my name....


Friday, February 03, 2006

Online definitly helping my live game

I'm thinking that the online fiasco is without doubt helping my live game. Although I'm not playing live as much as I'd like, I played to STT's last night in the merrion.
Admittedly STT's aren't the most challenging games but I got 3rd in one and split 1st/2nd in the other. I seem to be a little more confident online though, which I'd rather change, but I suppose if I played as many hands live as I have online, I'd be just as confident.

I'm back, with my biggest win to date!

Oh my GOD I can't believe it's been 5 months since I actually updated this!!
Thats ridiculous! Anyhoo, do people really read these anyway?

Anyhoo, I suppose thats the joys when you quit working in an office and haven't got 10 hours a day to waste on a PC!
So lots has happened, New Shop is flying, really happy there, in the middle of moving house, so stuck on the slowest dial up in the world in my mams house when I'm there, but organising BB in the next few weeks so happy days!

Haven't played a to of live poker at all lately, seem to be sitting online mostly. I signed up to Boylepoker.com. Tis very handy as I don't have the manners to own a credit card, so I can just pop into the one next door and throw a couple quid in.

So I put in about 30 euro two weeks before xmas and started into the world of Online poker.
I'm not much of a cash game man, but I dabbled in a couple of the 5c/10c games - i know, big spender or what!! But spending most time on the STT's for 5 or 10 quid.

My biggest highlight by far was a week or so before xmas I joined a $10 MTT. 248 runners, i came 1st....

I nearly shit myself.

Decided I was gonna give it a shot and play tight, for a while, steal some pots lay low and wait for some cards. Before I knew it it was the second breal and I had about 2K in chips with the average stack at approx 7K. I tripled up first hand when my JJ hit a set on the turn. Sweet as a nut. then lost a couple big hands too and was trying to chase about a bit avoiding the blinds.
Things got really sticky when it was down to about 13 runners. Nobody wanted out, so I sucked it up and realised that this was the best chance to steal. Steal i did, ad watch the other little fishies knock each other out.

Final table, short stack for a while and really struggling at times but after only 7 or 8 hands, it was already down to 6 people, ad I was chip leader with 84K in chips. I tried keeping the mood light hearted by chatting a little, but nobody was in the mood! Ah well. Finally made it to heads up and took down some italian dude when my KJ made me a flush on the turn, and i took my first win of $648. I was chuffed!

Played the same tourney last week and got 41st of 188. Really card dead, so I didn't feel too bad since I only saw about 4 picture cards for the entire game.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hi there..take my chips...

So woohoo I won €40 in a STT last night, but my god I played badly. Joined the freeroll in the Merrion about 40 mins before the break. Had planned on heading in to the start, but a mate of mine came with me for the first time, so we had a quick pint before heading in. So i sat down and was having a chat with one of the regular lads I know. No amazing hands, until I was UTG and got wired 10 's. Flop brings me another 10. I'm first to act...Check I think to myself...yet my mouth declares all in...Foldy foldy foldy...picked up the blinds and a couple of limpers. Hmmm...not the best way to optimise my pot but there we go!
Ended up lasting till the third last table, blinded down to 5X BB (400/800) Got 55 on theBB all in...got called by KK and 1010. Sit n Go how are ya!!

First SnG I got me a couple of ladies first hand in on the BB. Then alll of a sudden I wasn't BB and was moved around to make room for someone else and confusion followed. The room was to be made for an invisible player, so in essence those cards weren't mine but everyone insisted we played on. Ok, whatever. I limp in for the craic cos i'm still confused. Low and behold out pops another Q on the flop, three ladies and all of a sudden I hear an all in.
First hand? WTF? Fair enough me thinks, not much that this happens, so I quickly call, and a smug lookin chap throws down cowboys. People look to me and smirk and I quietly say "ooh" and chuck in my queens to show trips...I love seeing the whites of people eyes. No King to save him and I double up first hand. Pity though, ended up going out half way through when my pocket 10's got cracked by bullets. Ah well!

SNG no.2 - there was twelve of us in this one, €70 €30 €20 was the deal. I was getting absolutley no cards, but managed to make it to the last 5 when the deck started slapping me silly. Flush, straight, trips, found me in chip lead all of a sudden and heads up with a dealer from the merrion - Roundtower2 on boards.ie seriously cool guy too! He doubled up, I doubled up, he doubled up, I got KK and went all in with my mini stack and he flipped AQ clubs, managed to hit the club on the river to sew it up. We ended up finishing the deal with €50 €40 €30 cos we had a bit of craic in the end and it turned into a pretty friendly game! So I got my €20 back and made another €20.
God i love the sound of chips on felt :) Was a good night, but wasn't massively happy with the way I played. I find I'm turning into an uber tight player and I don't like that. Gotta mix it up me thinks!

That's it for now, shop is going great, and I finish my main job next week...can't wait to actually have a bit of time for me! Badly needed...

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

At last...

I decided to add another post, very long overdue at this stage, and what's even worse is that I haven't touched a poker chip in over 3 weeks...Grrr...
This new business is going better than any of us could have imagined, and while I'm working hard, i'm also still with my full time job in the ESB, so effectivly, i'm working 2 full time jobs. Luckily though, I've thrown in the towel and am leaving the ESB to run the shop full time for a while and see if I can make it succeed.
Once I have the ESB behind me, I'll have a bit more free time again and I can hit the tables. The new AUL tournie in Dublin sounds like a hit. Last week a fellow boardster won it- G'wan the Culchie!! Reckon I'm gonna have to drop out there in the coming weeks to give it a shot and go for your title ;)
It's really convenient as it's less that 15 mins from the newsagents.

Even though I'm not playing as much as I'd like, I still read the Poker bulletin boards and blogs on a regular basis to keep in tune with whats happening around Dublin. Nice to see fellow players improve their game and make more final tables on a regular basis! I'm still reading Harrington's 1st book, gone back over a few chapters, cos I'd be lying if I said I was understanding everything I read!! Eagerly looking forward to finishing the first and moving onto his second!
I was disappointed to see the Mayfair Casino had closed down. I think it's a real shame since they had a great setup there, and the freeroll started to be growing in numbers by the week! I doubt we'll see them open again.
A new casino off Grafton Street is to be the new "in" spot I believe, Dermot Desmond's place, not sure when it's opening, but I've heard the name being mentioned here and there.

Well that's really all I have for ye at the moment, Making it my mission to hit either the Merrion or the Fitz freerolll next week, I've had more success from the Fitz freeroll's so might hit that, but I'll be there one of the days for a couple sit n go's one way or another...

See you at the tables :)

Monday, August 29, 2005


Man i've been busy! Phooey!
Opened a newsagent last Friday morning, badly needed shop for the area, hasn't been one for over 6 or 7 years! So hopefully by all accounts, I can work for myself, building up a nice little business! Fingers crossed!

Set up a netell account, but pain in the ass to configure. Confirmed the micro-deposit, but have to wait to talk to them and give my IBAN number so Ican deposit cash from my personal a/c.
Definitly thinking of just the low stakes tables, I'd get more pleasure starting off with €20 in my account and seeing it rise to €30 as opposed to seeing 100 drop to 50. Slowly buit surely i guess!

Played the freeroll in the merrion last week, went out again after the break on a silly hand. On the BB, with A2d with two other diamonds on the flop, called an all in chasing the nut flush, didnt hit and I was out. Dunno why I call dangerous hands like that when there's so much action all around me. Silly play.
Played a STT and took 2nd, that was my €20 back so that was ok. Was dealt AK on the first hand of the STT, with flop AKx and eventually one guy went all in. I had to call him and he flipped over something like 8 high...eh hello? Ok. Thanks for the chips! Double up on hand one! Nice!! Anyhoo ended up second as my heads up game is a load of pants!

Will try and hit the tables soon, prob wont be this week though, hopefully an evening next week.
See how it goes I guess!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Fitz First!

I work shift work, and I normally play poker when i work evenings, so I don't have to worry about getting up the next morning. This week though, I was at a loose end so I decided to take a trip to the Fitz freeroll. I haven't had much luck at the fitz freeroll lately, I'd played three, and made the final table once, then going out early after the break in the other two, but in I went.
First hand I was dealt was A9 diamonds. I was third to act so i raised to 75. One caller, flop came A x x. Check, Check, 9 on the turn. Check for me, 150 bet. I call, check the river down and I take my first pot of the night. I feel confident and its a nice way to start the evening.

I played pretty conservatively and felt that when I entered a pot, i had a little respect from the table, it was the first time I felt that, but it was a nice feeling. Gave me a bit of confidence.
Nothing else big all evening, and Joe O'Neil was put at our table. Second time I've played with Joe, and he's good craic. But sitting to my left going all in with nearly every hand just to chip up. Hey it worked!
At one stage I got involved in a pot that I should have folded from the get go. I had 7 4suited on the BB and called a small raise to see the flop. Flop was rag rag rag, and there were two of us in the pot, the guy to my left was making pretty constant bets, but for some reason I didn't trust him and thought he was bluffing. Suffice to say he ended up with all my chips...and I got an earful from Joe about the call...he was right, it was manky. I needed my first buy in after that when AQ was cracked. But Happy was I when AQ doubled my back up again two hands later.

The break came, and with the top up I had about 4K in chips. After the break the deck was just just slappin me on the cheeks. Flopped straights three times within 6 hands, and had QJo when one lady went all in, i had her well covered so decided to call, not something I'd normally do. flop came J J x. Nice set for me, i bet and the other person went all in aswell. Turn was a rag but the River brought me a beautiful queen for the house. Trebled up and things were looking good.

Down to the last two tables, and there was a calling station called Paddy to my right. I wasn't getting in any pots unless i saw his 2-3K raises. Called a couple of them and they paid off. One or two didn't. So my stack fluctuated a bit on that table. But flops were good to me and was chip leader pretty quickly. On the final table, I had about 18.5K, and I called a guys all in of 22500. I hit my set on the Turn, and that put me in very comfie position.
There were 5 tickets to the monthly game, (Well, €250 credit, pay the registration ourselves) so thats ok. I spent 20 quid last night, plus the 20 i'll pay for the reg for the monthly game. €40 pay to play the €270 game. Now that's value :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fitz tourney

Went to the €25+5 game in the fitz last night.

Managed to hold out till about 1am, there were two tables left with about 6-7 on each. I was playing a pretty tight game tbh. I went on the steal a couple times too, trying to get some respect- actually worked too!! One particular hand I was on SB, i had something like 10 rag. limped into the pot with 3 still in, flop came x x x totally nothing for me. One girl who was playing just as tight raised to 1500, blinds were 300 600 i think, i re-raised all in with about an extra 4000. She took a couple mins, but i managed to get her off her hand, so that was nice. Starting to realise the right and the wrong time to bluff!Towards the end though, at one stage the blinds were 500/1000 and I was seriously shortstacked, picked up pocket 9's and pushed. doubled up to 6K. Next hand got the cowboys, pushed again, didn't actually double up, but a guy bet 3000 out of turn, i pushed and knocked him off so almost doubled up without seeing a hand too! Sat on about 11K for a while until i was SB on 1000/2000. Had 36c, flop came 4c 5c x. there was only two of us in the pot and he was a pretty tight player. I pushed, yet in hindsight I prob should have checked. He called with 45o. I caught my Jc for the flush on the river but he filled a house on the turn and I'm out!Pretty happy with my play overall, but steaming about my call on my last hand. But thats the joys of it I guess!